We’ve mastered the craft – from accurate financial perspectives to efficient logistics, Joe Kain Homes is dedicated to making the process of building a dream home as efficient as it is intrinsically rewarding. Our passion is unmatched, our philosophy is unparalleled, our results are exclusive.


We build sharp. Every artistic detail matter and each nut and bolt serve a purpose. We exist to build the sharpest of homes for the sharpest of people.


Mastery of a craft requires complete dedication to every step of the process. We aim for nothing less than excellence and we only know one way to approach a project – all in.


Nothing great can be achieved without passion. We put our whole heart into every aspect of the home building process because it’s what we love to do, and it’s what our clients deserve.


Before the first nail is hammered, we commit hundreds of hours to bidding and budgeting to create complete transparency and eliminate surprises. It’s important to us because it’s important to the people we serve.


The project starts well before the building does, and the same goes for our partnership. We believe in rolling up our sleeves on Day One and bringing expertise and coaching to every detail in the planning process, from meeting with architects to interior design and everything in between. Having a knowledgeable and consistent advocate from start to finish is the best way to bring your vision home.